The OC: Rugged & Wonderful

{Rugged & Wonderful}
The Oregon Coast has never been famous for its hot sun or warm water.  Instead, the beauty lies in the rugged landscape, sandy shell filled beaches, & making your own adventures.

So last week we spent our time finding special rocks & other seaside treasures,

playing in the sand,

and flying kites!

{Our Fun}
It may not be the sort of fun that you think of when you go to the beach, but we like it.

(This is what happens when I say "open your eyes".)

And stay tuned! Whale watching and crabs will be coming soon!

Your Beach lovin' Toad

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Anonymous said...

Oh the beach! We love the beach! We have lakeside beaches here but take one trip a year to the ocean -Love! Great perspective on the first shot.

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