Camping Birthday Party Treasures

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When you have a big birthday while camping you can expect to make a memory...especially if your mom (Tanya)  is super cool.  According to Tanya, Trey had been planning this party for months. It includes just about everything an 8 year old could dream up. 

And in Toad style, here's the party...with more pictures than words.  I think the pictures tell their own story...

Magic & Treasures

Birthday Boy: Trey
Party Go-ers: Cousins, grandparents, & Toad
Produced By: Tanya & Travis

Act 1: Treasure Hunt
Travis buried these special rocks in the lake shore when the kids weren't watching...and then when the kids came to the lake I know their minds were filled with treasure finding dreams.

Note: Tanya ordered these special gems and panning equipment via Amazon.

Act 2: Scavenger Hunt
Then teams were split and each had to find a list full of fun things/people/etc!  This included "touching a Toad" and having a team member swim out out touch the floating island.

Act 3: Campground Baseball
A sister sport to backyard baseball.  Fun & funny...just like we like it!

Act 4: Cake Time!
Frosting your own cupcakes couldn't be any more fun.  Complete with chocolate rocks on top!

Act 5: Presents and Magic
While the cake was being devoured, presents were opened & played with.  Then Trey put on his very own magic show...which we all loved.

Such a great time for a great little guy! 

Thanks for inviting us to your party Trey! 

-Toady & Fam

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Snakeman said...

Looked like one of the better reptile parties I have seen for a while. The kids seemed to have fun!

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