Special Bottles & Baptism Gifts

{300 years ago}
This salad dressing bottle should have created forever ago.  Its not only a classy looking bottle, but around the outside has bunch of salad dressing recipes...complete with how much of each item you'll need.

So smart! Right?  My brother Travis picked these up for Tanya at Target.  Good call Trav! It was the perfect addition to the post-baptism taco salad spread at my parents house.

{And believe me when I say that when Tanya cooks I gain about 5 pounds.  She's amazing.}

{Trey's Baptism}
Which brings us to our Saturday afternoon.  It was a special day...our little 8 year old nephew was baptized! We are so happy for his decision to follow Christ, and it was a very spiritual ceremony.

{Some baptized at birth, but we baptized at 8 in the Mormon faith.  We believe that you should be aware of and understand the commitments you are making.  You can read more here if you're interested.}

I have a new favorite gift to give to someone about to be baptized...a fluffy white towel for them to dry off with after they are baptized!  Of course, it wasn't originally my idea, but I loved it and wrote my own little poem to go along with it.

Here is Trey before his baptism (yes, he changed his clothes:) with the towel...

Margo also had a great idea and gave Trey a Baptism Book to remember his baptism day! I wish I would have had one of those when I was baptized!

Here's the my brother Travis & his sweet wife Tanya and their cute family...as well as Tanya's dad Jess.  Grandpa Jess performed the baptism...that's why he's wearing white too. (FYI: White has a lot of symbolism associated with it.)

Travis made is a very memorable day...he even called me by my maiden name in the program...I felt 17 again. :)

Special day, special guy. Love ya Trey-boy! 

Love, Aunt Toad

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