Voo Doo Dontus: Portland, OR

 {Voo Doo Donuts}
When was the last time you sunk your teeth into a nice fatty donut like this?

When you want a killer donut, downtown Portland is the place.  Voo Doo donuts has made its name & now we know why.  Ever seen the TV series Grimm?  Its filmed in Portland.   

With my parents raving about it,  Grimm & I {via On Demand} began a relationship.  20+ episodes later I'm hooked. I've always had a special place for Portland in my heart, but this show sealed the deal.  And if you're a details type of person you may have noticed a pink box or two in a few of the scenes...

{The Wait}
Trey and Lucy had been raving about "The Texas" donut, so we had make our way downtown and check it out for ourselves!

Yes, there will be a line to wait in when you get there.  But it moves fast and the kids loved the glitter brick the building was made out of, plus people watching is super entertaining. 

Not sure what they do when it rains, but I bet it doesn't detour too many folks!

 Trey claimed "The Texas" was this big! A fish tale? You make the call.



Introducing, The Texas. And a few other buckaroos Aidan and I picked out.  Trey was pretty darn close with his description!

 We came, we sat, we ate.

When was the last time you saw RC instead of Coke or Pepsi?  I didn't even know they still made it.  Gotta love Portland. 

Yum. Voo Doo is a pretty fun, funky, Portlandy place. And we loved it.

Love, A soon to be very chubby Toad.:)

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Unknown said...

wauw, that is what I call a doughnut! Have to try if I ever come around there!
Have a nice day. By the way, I really enjoy your blog!
A fan from Denmark :)

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