20 minus 1

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I guess I should have known I'm getting older. I talk too much about the weather, listen to talk radio, & am perfectly happy to stay home instead of going out.

But each summer when I get together with my high school friends you'd think I was 16 again.   I might as well have a curfew.  You know the feeling.  Its so great to see those who had such an impact on your life at such a crucial time of your life...and they still like you!  

So here's a sneak peek at my last weekend.  Old pals (some of you may recognize), freshly picked blueberries, & alot of laughs. Thanks for a great time guys!

And next year I hope to see ALOT more you Royal Scotman...at the big 20 year reunion!!

Smithie (The Toad's h.s. nickname!:)

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