4th Tales: Got the mole.

{FFF: Family, 4th, Fun}
Not too fancy around these parts.  Others may have pretty big fireworks and gourmet meals, but not us.   Family and fun...that's about it.  Well, and the shooting of the mole. 

{The 4th was the 1st day our favorite U-pick blueberry field opened! You better believe we were out there!} 

{Patience Pays}
Yes, I said the shooting of a mole. You see, these crazy critters come into my parents field and eat the roots of the trees and then head to the garden for their own buffet celebration.  So the shotguns were out to put an end to it.

I remember my grandpa out in the yard with his shot gun waiting for the unfortunate mole or gopher to dare and stick its little head out.  The tradition has now been carried on.  The 1st thing we saw when we drove into town was my dad standing out with the shot gun, ready and waiting...but not for us. :)  { You'd think we were country bumkins the way I talk about this.   Well, maybe we are? Oh boy.:)}

And now my brother Travis has joined the ranks...

And when we heard the gun shot we all came a running!

And he got it.  That would explain the big smile on my moms face.  I guess we never really could just do something like everyone else.  

The boys had to get in on the action too.  Trey got a BB gun and Ethan got his bow and arrow. Those little mole rascals didn't have a chance.

{The Babes}
And in the meantime the babies were having their own fun.  Aidan just wanders about doing whatever he sets his little mind to. Rocks, dirt, tree swings, bikes, sticks, forts, berry picking, etc.  And he loves every minute of it.

And this little gal just enjoyed doing whatever everyone else was.  Meet Charolette.  Seeing her this summer was the 1st I got to kiss those cheeks!  I have a feeling when we go back home I'm going to want to put this little sweet pea in my pocket.

(My mom made the sweater she is wearing.  It zips up from the back...isn't it so cute?}

And for the 1st time in his life Aidan was invited to hang out with a friend.  Lucy would ask him to join her in whatever she was up to. And he loved it.  I did too.  Thank-you Little Lu.

I couldn't resist getting a snap shot with one. Could you?

 And she loves being up on her moms shoulders. 


{Fire Time}

The End.

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rebecca said...

Great photos!! Love the shot of the blueberries so much! :)

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