UT Snow For Sale

{Good Stuff}
What kid doesn't love the snow?

Or making paper snowflakes?

{Good-bye Lemonade}
Lemonade Stand OUT.  Creativeness IN.

Remember a while back when I posted about how Ethan {my 6 year old} can't get enough of making snowflakes?

Well, he's decided he'd like to add them to his little Etsy shop: SticksandThings. 

His cutting skills go back to when he was just a young scissor loving lad.  I'd often find things all cut up around the house .  All he could say was, "Mom, I can't stop thinking about cutting things."  

A little OCD running in the family? Probably. 

Fun skill for a Kindergartener?  Yes.

At least its skill that can put to good use...right?  I mean, using a nunchuck is great and all, but...hmmmm, yeah.

So if you've always wanted some snow from UT, now is your chance.  Get yours now while chilly temperatures and indoor activities last.

{Photo Fun}
My cute friends Janeen and Jason let me talk them into taking a some family pictures for them last weekend.  And lucky for them ;) I was in true "photo taking" mode, with my "wish list" of different poses to try sketched on a little piece of paper in my pocket.

But their patience with me paid off.  At least I think so.  It may have seemed like a lifetime for them as they waited for me to adjust my camera settings and figure out the best places to "pose", but lookie here...

And I've never in my life taken a picture of an animal...except at zoo-like places...but I ended up with a crush on this picture.  Maybe one day we will get a dog...one day...

Is there anything like warm feet in cozy shoes?  Costco has always been good to me {and my waist}, and they didn't disappoint with these boots either.

Warmest Winter Wishes!

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Janeen said...

Thanks so much for taking our picture! They ALL turned out great-you've got skills :)

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