"Wait For It" Printable {Inspired by Grandpa}

{No Peeking}
We have a problem in our home.  Sneaking and peeking. I've decided that this a problem that has been passed down from generation from generation for many, many years.  Why?  Because my 94 year old grandpa cannot wait to open any gift he is given.  {In fact, one year I send him a Christmas package addressed to my sister {who lived with him at the time} because I knew he wouldn't wait!}

Its been reported that he has already opened every gift mailed to him this year.  As you can imagine, its hard to fight that kind of DNA. 

Grandpa, this one's dedicated to you...;)

Here's my attempt at keeping our gifts "under wraps".

If you'd also like to encourage your loved ones to wait...good luck to you.  These tags may or may not help, but its worth a try!:)

Click here to print these tags!

{Tricked Ya'}
Yes, waiting can be SO hard.  So kudos to Ethan for figuring out a way to get around it.  He told me to open this envelope that had my name on it.  I opened it and this is what I received....

If your reading in phonetics is rusty, here's what this sweet card says:

"I will take care of Aidan." 

I know. So sweet.  I gave him the biggest hug and kiss a mother could give, and then asked him if that was my Christmas present.  He said, "Yeah! Tricked ya!"   Yes, he did.

Ethan may have tricked me into opening his gift, but I was totally authorized to open this gift early.;)  My thoughtful sister-in-law Mary ordered these tickets for us for Christmas!

Today was the day.  And it was AMAZING.

I {heart} David Archuleta.  Not in a swooning sort of way, but I think he is a pretty awesome guy.  His voice, his meekness, his testimony, his sense of humor, and okay fine...he is darn cute.

If you want to check out the concert you can click here. {Thanks to a fellow blogger who sent me the link!}

I'm convinced he has been blessed with the gift of music so that he could sing his testimony and feelings about the Savior.  As he sang this morning there was a special twinkle in his eye {I saw it on the jumbo screen;)} and a feeling in the words that he sang that was unforgettable.  Truth was taught through song & I loved every minute of it.

Even President Monson {The Prophet of our Church...kindof what the Pope is for the Catholic Church} commended him and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the awesome orchestra and dancers for their incredible talent and meaningful work.  My faith was strengthened by the entire experience.

I can't wait for all of you to hear the concert.  It will be broadcast next year on PBS and other TV and radio stations just like Natalie Cole was broadcast this year.

You won't want to miss this one.

{Good luck}
I guess patience is the theme of this post.  So don't be surprised if it turns out to be harder than you think.

And may the force be with you as you try to protect your packages from early opening predators...

Love ya. Toad:)


Amanda said...

Great idea! I featured this today on my blog!


ificould said...

So glad you were able to go to the concert. My hubby sings in the choir, so I was able to go too - a.maz.ing!!!! I'm an even bigger David Archuleta fan now. What an awesome experience!

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