Baby Gifting, Darth, & Fabric Discount

{'Tis the Season}
Ahh.  What to give.  The big question. 

Lost? Well, in my next few posts my goal is to share with you a few little ideas that might help in your search for the perfect gift.   Some are my own creations, some are things I've found, and others are things I just love.  So as time allows...I'm excited to share my findings with you!

{Starting with Baby}
Looking for a baby or new mom gift?  Can you sew a straight line?  Remember this little guy?

Created out of necessesity while traveling with my littles {story here}:  

I love it.  I still use it on a daily basis when I throw it on the floor before tackling my toddler for a diaper change.

Yes, this is the toddler I am referring to.  The one who just did a big pooper and is now hiding from me...

What to make one? You can follow my easy pattern and tutorial here. 

Need some cute fabric?  Keep reading...

{Fabric Discount}
Today over at lemontreecreations they did a "review" of my little pattern and tutorial.  {I have to admit my heart starting racing a little when I found the post...its always a little scary to get honest feedback on my "stuff". Fortunately, they were pretty good to me and my "rookie" sewing ways...thanks guys!;)}

They are also having a fabric giveaway and they are giving us a code for 10% off Poppyseed Fabrics this week {I checked out the Poppyseed Fabric Etsy Shop and they have some super cute designer fabric.}

Just thought you'd like to know.  Who doesn't love cute fabric?  

Oooh, another great gift idea!!! FABRIC!!!!  I know I'd love a stash!

{Star Wars Snowflakes}
And for those who don't sew, but can cut...or have kids who can cut...

My brother Peter emailed me this fun little project that he found.  Darth Vader and Bobba Fett snowflake instructions.  Honestly, I got a little lost following the directions {just like I do with most patterns-most normal people will probably be able to figure it out, no problem}, but after playing around a bit we did it! They were pretty fun. 
I mean, fun if you're into Star Wars or snowflakes.  If you know a fan of Darth or other galactic dudes... they may really be happy getting one {or 10} of these!

 {Enjoy it}
Why does time always seem to fly around the holidays?  I just love getting distracted with all of the festivities of Christmas...especially with my boys.  I love it.   They love it.  I think we should tackle a gingerbread village this year.  A mini one. 

What fun things are you doing?! This wonderful season will come and go before we know it, so let's enjoy every minute shall we? 

And if I don't get too distracted with all of the winter fun...I'll have some more gift ideas for you soon!:)

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