Paper Snowflakes + More Templates

{Utah Snow}
There's nothing like hearing your 6 year old say,

"Mom, I might have made a mess."

I have to admit I was bit relieved when I walked over and only saw approx 100 million paper clippings... 

The transformation of every 81/2" X 11" sheet of paper in the house into snow was mind boggling.  I'm pretty sure Ethan would give any paper snowflake-making elf a run for his money.   Even Buddy.

I had no idea it was in him.  When I asked him where he learned how to make these amazing flakes of snow he said, "Trey taught me."  Trey is his 6 year old cousin who lives in Oregon.  And although he may not remember teaching Ethan, the skill was definitely learned.

My "job" {according to my little boss man} was to put the thread onto the snowflakes so they would hang just right when I taped them to the ceiling. 

And oh what fun! Aren't they so great?  I bet it makes you want to grab some scissors!  I'm thinking he ought to put a few into his Etsy shop "SticksandThings" and start selling a little Utah snow.  I mean really, who doesn't want a white Christmas?:)

{Templates "The Holidays": Part 2}
In my quest to find the perfect template for our family's little greeting postcards, I've been having a little fun creating.  And since I just made these sweet templates, I figured I might as well share them with you!

{And Just like the 1st Set I can add your picture{s} into the template if you'd like {$5}, or if you have photoshop you can buy all 3 {$5} and add your pictures yourself.}

If you want to learn more about the photo POSTCARDS or see my 1st set of templates click here.

If you'd like me to make your photo postcard just click here! Then you'll need to email me and let me know which option you'd like, and also send me the jpg photo you'd like me to use. 

Now, here you go! I'm calling Set 2: "The Holidays".

{Option D} Happy Holidays!

{Option E} The Nativity

{Option F} Holiday Wishes

Yeah, and after all that I still don't know which one we'll use!  Hopefully you're having better luck with your cards!:

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