Snow Birdy + Every Minute Counts

{Heading South}
This little snow birdy is heading out.  Forget Utah and its chilly snow.  This owl gal is ready for fun in the the sun. Melissa  -my old sweet mission buddy and resident of AZ-  if you read this you'd better get ready! The owl I promised you months ago is on her way! 

I may be freezing, but sewing is such a warm, cozy activity on a cold winter nights.  Need a little project to work on as you listen to your happy holiday tunes?  Here's my easy pattern and tutorial for this sweet little birdy!

{24 HRS}
Yesterday we had a really great treat! Recognize these guys in the picture below?  Yes, that's the master of the blog Trey and Lucy--my sister in law Tanya.

The kids?  Trey and Lucy themselves.

Tanya's little brother married a gal from these parts and so they came out for the reception! Unfortunately, they could only stay for 24 hours, but we made of most of it!

As you can imagine, the kids couldn't get enough of eachother...

Even Aunt Margie and my other sister Stooph {not pictured} came up from Southern Utah for the festivites!

And those that know my family here's a game for you...guess which sibling this cute little guy belongs to:

If you said were WRONG.  This is Matt's little man Ezra. 
{And baby boy #2 is due in a few weeks!}

Though our time together was short, it was better than no time at all...

Toad's advice: If you're lucky enough to be with those you love during the holidays make the most of every moment! 

7 days and counting!

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