We're In

We did it! Yahoo! The keys to our house were officially given to our 1st ever tenants on Saturday & although we are still surrounded by boxes, at least we are done moving them!

{Sidebar: If I never see a full box again I won't complain one bit!:) For those of you who have recently moved and the sore backs and throats aren't such a distant memory---you know exactly what I'm talking about. And all of us getting colds and Aidan getting the chicken pox was the icing on the cake!:)}

And as you can tell, Bob has reconnected me to the cyberworld! Bless his hardworking heart. Now I get to play catchup with my little blog! Aren't you all excited?!;)

Its late & and I sound like a real toad so this post will be short. I promise. Here's the boys welcoming you all to our new front door. Well, sort of.:) I have a feeling that getting the boys to pose for pictures is not going to get any easier as they get older...

{Yes, Aidan is trying to engage his brother who is almost 4 years older than him in some sort of "rasling".}

Fortunately, the boys are young enough that the move really hasn't been to difficult on them. It was made even easier when I told Ethan that the 1st night in his new place the "House Warming" Fairy brings good childern a gift welcoming them to their new home. {He told me that he was sure the fairy was a girl.} It was like Christmas morning when he got open his special gift. Aidan didn't complain either.

As for Bob and I...we are tired, but great. I love change and Bob seems happy to be back to the area were he is known in as "Coach Bob". Several players he coached are in our neighborhood including one of our bishops sons.

Now my bed is calling. And if you're reading this and its past 10:30PM...your bed is probably calling too.:){Yes Tanya, that even means you!}


Tanya said...

she did not beat you to the dress. i would make one for a baby ashby any day.

Dawn said...

Congrats on your new place! Looking forward to seeing pictures when you're all settled in. Good luck with the un-packing.

metal mama said...

yay! congrats!! we're about to move to a new house (thankfully just a couple of streets down from where we're at!)!

The Hansens said...

Glad to see we were not the only ones moving! We just moved from Vancouver back to Oregon...it was quite an ordeal, but we lived through it! Congrats on your move!

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