Gobble, Gobble

Jumping the gun?

Friday 11:45 AM
Ethan: "Mom, did you know Santa sleeps during the day so that he can be up at night? He's like you. "
{Confession: I was tired one day last month and Ethan asked why I was always tired. I told him it was because I was a real witch and I flew on my broom at night. Oh, and I can only do magic at night too...like clean the house, do the dishes, & things like that.:)}
Ethan: "I haven't seen him in a long time."

Friday 12:05 PM
Ethan: "Santa is the only one who knows everyone's names."
Me: "And Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ, right?"

Thursday 3:05 PM
Ethan: "I wish it would snow."
Ethan: "Then Christmas will come. I'm dreaming of it now. I can't stop thinking about it."

Thursday 3:07 PM
Ethan: "Mom, bullies don't get any presents."

Have you had enough? Yesterday I even lured Ethan to Target to get wipes by saying, "We can look at all of the Christmas decorations." We gawked at the snowflakes, ornaments, trees, and lights already in place. And you may have guessed---pictured below is what we walked out with & what we did Thursday night.

I think we just feed off of eachother with our mutual excitement for Christmas, but last night I realized we'd better enjoy Thanksgiving too!;) So, we picked up some Oreos, candycorns (on sale of course), & pulled out the Halloween bag for the whoppers and created these cute little turkeys...

For those "visual learners" like myself here's the low down on this simple & fun treat:

Gobble Turkeys {'cause you'll gobble them up!}

You'll need:

A body= Oreos
Feathers= Candycorns--any color is fun
A head= Whoppers or milkduds {or whatever else you can find in the
bottom of that trick or treat bag!:)}

And while you have that trick or treat bag out...why not have some fun "creating"?!

This is my favorite of Ethan's little candy creations: He calls it "A Smiling Bird."

And don't worry, we love Thanksgiving too!:)


Anita said...

Love the ideas! It helps me not dread the Halloween bags quite as much... We're working hard on celebrating Thanksgiving for real this year instead of the usual pit stop on the way to Christmas. We'll have to have the turkeys for FHE treat this week...

Unknown said...

i totally agree with ethan. let's get this christmas thing goin.

Grandma Bwanna said...

It doesn't help that radio stationd are already playing Christmas music! Thanksgiving is truly becoming a forgotten holiday [except by the grocery stores and other food places]. Thanks for all your clever ideas. And, aren't kids great? It's good to see things through their eyes.

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