Turkeyby# & I{heart}5 yr olds

First of all, here's a fun little turkey that you {or your kids} can color or paint by number! We love little fun crafts around this place. Just click on it for your own copy!

Second, I{heart}5 yr olds. Why? Well, when you're 5 you can...

...leave little stick people all around the house. They become a beautiful addition to your mom's "decorations".

...are a scavenger. If your mom is busy and you are hungry, you do what you have to. This includes eating applesauce with a measuring spoon. {Your mom will find this spoon later and feel like a lame mother.}

...can color a turkey whatever color you want and everyone will think its cute. Also, you can paste it together anyway that you'd like.

...have a super great time anywhere you go---especially Cornbellies.

{For you locals, Cornbellies is at Thanksgiving Point and its SO great. Unfortunately they are closed now, but they'll open again next September and its so great. Pictured below are our fun friends Heather, Anli, & Sadie--you may recognize them from previous posts.}

...push the "go" button so your little brother can enjoy one of his favorite things at Cornbellies...the Chicken Show.

...think you are so cool when you get to ride in the front of the "cow train".

...take "dress up" very seriously.

...smile as you watch your little brother tries to charm the ladies.

Ahh, to be 5.

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Siri said...

Again, my girls could color or do crafts ALL DAY! Thanks for the turkey color by number and stick people idea! Cute.

We have never taken our girls to Cornbellies. Awesome photos! You have gotten really talented with that camera of yours. You could do an ad campaign for them! Looks wayyyy fun! But for us, Cornbellies might have to wait until next year. Mom's still too sick to even try. =)

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