Toad's $5 Holiday photo postcards & gift tags!

So you can't figure out how to make a photo postcard-{or photo gift tags}-or just don't want to? Well, I'll take the stress out for you. This is how I'll do it:;)

#1 You pick the photocard below that you want & pay $5 on paypal. {The button to pay is on the right hand side of my blog. The $5 pretty much just covers the web products I bought to make the cards and a few minutes of my precious time...:)}

#2 You email me {} the .jpg picture you want in your card. I'll customize it so it has your pict and sign it with your family name or individual names-- whatever you'd like.

#3 I email you back your new photocard and you go crazy ordering the prints!:)

*If you want a photo gift tag just let me know in the email. I'll send you a 2 copies of your card. One for a postcard and one for gift tags!


Here are you options...

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Option E {Just added!}

And have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!:)

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