A few things I could live without...

Tonight as I changed Aidan's 3rd poopy (& super stinky) diaper in 15 minutes, a few things crossed my mind. There are a several things in my life that if they never happened again I really wouldn't mind. You can see where this is going...

So here are just a few "I could live withouts" at the top of my list, in no particular order:

{Toilet Attachment} If I never again had to get Aidan and his wet, germ ridden hands out of the toilet I wouldn't complain one bit.

{Dishwasher Magnet} If you ever wonder why my dishes are rarely done consistently, its because I can only do them when a certain baby is sleeping. Period.


{Carseat Cryer} This is guranteed. Put baby in carseat. Try to distract. Fight. Tears. Screaming. Finally its over. Sometimes my "day out" will revolve around how many times I have to deal with the previously mentioned senario.

{High Chair Challenge} Since the buckles don't keep him down, I may try bungees. Now you know why sometimes I just leave food under his chair.


{The Diaper Derby}
The battle of wills. All I need is 6.7 seconds flat to get the job done. But the 29 inch 21 pound contender seems to prefer a full & often poopy diaper. My best move: The sit on the baby backwards to hold him down.

{The Stairs} Any suggestions? I have a gate, but the opening and shutting is a total pain.

{The lack of brotherly love} Self-explanitory.


So as to not sound like a total complainer--I have to say that I LOVE being a mom. It has been an aquired taste for me, but one I wouldn't trade for the world.

And on that note...I had to post a few more pictures from Aidan's birthday. Man I love this these little guys.






And I'm off to eat some Ghiradelli's and watch 17 Again. My date for the night:



GroverFamily said...

i have two boys and i can say that i would like to live without all those things as well!

Anita said...

AMEN, sister! But I do have a suggestion for the stairs. We have stairs in this townhouse and no way to put up a gate that the girls could successfully navigate. Solution: Ppen the pack & play and use it to block the stairs. It's too heavy for him to move, but the rest of us can pull a corner back to get by. I also use it for containment if I'm loading the dishwasher, come to think of it. It'll solve 2 problems at the same time!

ERIN said...

Don't use a gate is what I think works best. My kids learned how to climb up and down the stairs at a early age because I have never used a gate. You could show him how to climb up and down ans practice or just make sure your with him when he tries.

Tanya said...

you know the second picture is my favorite.

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