Fair times


Since I'm on my "what I love about UT" kick here's a great one for ya...

I'm not sure what it is...the mix of manure and cotton candy smells or what, but county fairs are so great. {I'm sure it couldn't be the years I spent with those animals!:)}

Since the boys and I have already been to 3 this summer I figure I'd better put in a plug for the "county fair". And if you're a local, here's a website that has the ones going on this weekend (just scroll down and you'll find the list). Utah and Davis Counties are hosting their fairs---and from what I hear Utah county even has a rodeo! {Oh man...with this kind of talk you might just see me pushing the boys in the sit'n stand too...:)}


Last weekend my friend Heather and I headed to the SL County Fair & although it was windy (hence Ethan wearing his sun glasses to keep the dust out of his eyes), it was totally worth it.


{Pet a Camel?} I must confess I've never been to a petting zoo with a camel and huge turtle in the same area. I haven't been that close to a camel since living in Jerusalem! Fortunatey it seems that the baby camels aren't quite so smelly...thank goodness!


So pack up the kids and go for it!


Jenn said...

Jealous,okay I usually go. This year I haven't, and my father-in-law did the auction at SLC fair.:( I'm bummed I didn't go.

Heather said...

Yeah for the fair!!! That was fun. I think I loved the little petting zoo as much as they did!! I am ready for some Thai food. Lets plan a date!

Tanya said...

i love the picture of ethan in the swing.

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