Catching Santa

I'm copying Tanya's blog post because I think its so great...

My brother Peter works for a TV station in Oregon and makes these great little funny "clips". This year in one of them he tries to catch Santa. For the full effect of this post watch Peter's short clip of catching Santa:
Pete's link
My nephew Trey decided he too would catch Santa & here's a copy of Tanya's blog about his plan...
"well, christmas eve came and trey decided that he wanted to catch santa as well.
so he got some cookies or "santa bait" as he called it.

...a "squirrel trap" which consisted of a storage bin, a stick, and some yarn.

the yarn led all the way through our family room, up the stairs, to this little mans room.

He was so excited to catch santa that it took him 2 hours to fall asleep. he even turned on our fireplace so he could "burn santa's bum" when he came down the chimney.

In the morning he heard santa's bells, pulled the string, and ran down stairs to find the trap pulled, cookies eaten, but no santa! santa left him a note which said "trey your uncle peter caught me with this trap, but i am much smarter now. i have a lot of presents to deliver to other girls and boys, so it's a good thing you didn't catch me."

After reading Tanya's blog & watching Peter's video Ethan announced to all the he too would catch year!:) Good luck little men!

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Tanya said...

ha ha isn't santa great. i'll have to admit i still look for him on christmas eve! :o)

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