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{Toad's Finds}
Bless you Pinterest. You've given me my "favorites" tab back. Instead of just adding every page I find to my "favorites" along the top of my computer (yes, there was probably hundreds of little tabs) I have a great place to keep all of my little treasures.

And here's a few I had to share with you...not just "pin". :)

Easter Egg Printables. Love these.  I'm sure when we make them that our little faces won't be quite as cute (in fact, I'll bet on it), but I LOVE the FREE printable clothes for these little eggs.

They are almost like an egg family. Maybe we'll have to make one for each member of our family...or extended family.  I'd love to see my brothers dressed us as little egglets. :) (giggle, giggle)

The website they come from is just as cute as they are & is jam packed with super cute printables, puzzles, games, and clever ideas.  Its called  My new favorite go-to.

I hate swimming suit shopping just as much as the next gal, but when my suit starts to wear thin this is my go-to company...Hapari.  Cute designs & modest options.  I'm not into making everyone see parts of my body that I don't even like to see I got one of these sweet suits last year and LOVE it.  I like that when I'm at the pool instead of looking at my body people are looking at the cute print on my least I hope they are.

Right now they are having a sale on their suits that are already on sale!
CODE: Onsale 30. 
Its only going until April 1, but if you are in the market...don't get on the scale, just check out the website.  We might even be twins at the pool this year! :)

{District 12}
Don't worry. The husband already knows how I feel about Peeta.  He is truly one of this Toad's Treasures...the way he looks at Katniss in the cave, his flour-throwing arms, and his great sense of character. 
Enough said.

The photography type, not the Hunger Games type.  Actions are the term used to describe pre-set for editing your pictures...if you're not into photoshop or such. 

Love this company "Itty Bitty" and their actions...

{Glimmer of Paris}
The latest Camera Coat. Love it. I also love that we have our friends with special needs at TURN helping us package our product. 

PS: Camera Coats is big on supporting our local community...including those with disabilities. That's why we've teamed up with TURN Community Services to employ those with special needs to package our product.

A loyal Camera Coat fan just sent us the following message:

"Hi! I can't wait to order your product - I think it will be perfect since I'm always putting my dSLR in my purse or carrying it around alone (I didn't like using a tradtional camera bag). Just need to make a decision sooner than later!

But I really wanted to thank you for your involvement with and donations to the adult with disabilities organization you work with. I have a 6 six year old son with special needs (Down syndrome) and it makes me feel very good about supporting a company that supports those with special needs and gives them opportunties to work and be valued members of society. It just warms this mother's heart very much."

Talk about "win, win!"

Our friends do a great job and you can feel good that a portion of your shipping/handling fee goes to help them earn their very own paycheck!

{The Babe}
And last but not least, my business partner.   When he grabs my face with his little hand and turns my head so I look at whatever it is he wants me to look at I can't help but kiss his face.  Dirt and all.

He told me to take this picture.  So of course, I did.  And I love it.

Hope you enjoyed this session of Toad's Treasures...and maybe you have a new found treasures too! :)
Oh, and watch your back! The kids are home for April Fool's Day this year...:)
Love, Your Toad

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