Flower Power

Ever wonder how to make one of those big beautiful tissue paper flowers? I did.  Unlike many of you who have been making them since you were born, I thought it would be complicated and frustrating. In fact I almost bought some pre-assemble flowers on Etsy...until I looked in my wallet and then I found a few "How to" tutorials on Pinterest. ;)

A little toad smile couldn't be wiped off my face when I realized how this little craft was right up my alley...so simple and fast with great results!

So Maren (this sweet producer from Ch. 2) humors me about once a month and lets me be a "guest" contributer on the Friday afternoon news. I figured this month was the perfect time to learn how to make a flower or two! 
Last Friday I actually made them...on live TV.  I know, go Toad.

Easter grass, chow mein nests, and a little Spring Banner where also on the segment menu.

You can download your little Spring Banner here. I won't insult your creative intelligence by putting together a tutorial, but if you really need help just email me.

These chow mein nests are not only cute but so yummy...and I thought Halloween made me a little chubby.  My little step by step tutorial is here.

I {heart}growing Easter Grass.  These colorful eggs are so pretty full of grass, but using a regular white egg shell is also a pretty organic look.  You can find my tutorial for the grass here.

SIDEBAR:  Its the perfect time to start planting your Easter grass!  Its also a great teaching tool for your kids...today we'll be talking about how "faith is like a little seed" and then we'll plant our Easter grass!  Grass has so much symbolism...

I have to admit the best part of doing the segment (besides having Ethan come and help me set up...he's always so fun) was leaving...

As I walked out with the tub full of these tissue flowers this group of occupy Salt Lake people were hanging out.  They saw me and said "we just saw you on the TV" those flowers are so pretty!   I couldn't help but give them each one...I'm sure the guys were thrilled...but then I had to snap a picture.

I love it. Look at those smiles! Laughing with me or at me? Not sure...but hey, they are happy!

Note: I don't have a copy of the segment...they haven't posted it yet, but if they do I can post it if you're interested.

{Flower Guide}
I just love them... in all their colorful, simple glory.
This is not a "how to" tutorial,

First, get some tissue paper.  The dollar store had some great colors last week.

Grab some Sushi, and then fold up the tissue paper like a Japanese fan.

Once its all folded and your sushi is gone, tie some string around the middle of your new fan.

Now pick a shape you'd like your pedals to be.  I love the sharp looking edges so I like to cut the end into a triangle...

And tah dah! 

There are a million things you can do with these sweet things!  What have you done with them? Baby shower decorations?  Room decor? Let's hear it! Leave a comment and enlighten us!

Keep smiling & happy Spring!
but more of a simple guide.  I am a flower rookie, but if you want a peek here you go!

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Margethai Adventures: Finding Beauty at Home and Abroad said...

Those flowers are darling! Cute idea and I love the picture with the occupy people.

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