Jenn's Flower: Simple Picture Tutorial

{Simple & Sweet}
How cute is this flower? My friend Jenn (who has a super cute hat & photo prop shop) made some flowers for a hair clip prop and they were so sweet.  From her description of what to do I decided to venture off and try it for myself. 

So, here's a simple picture tutorial for Jenn's flower:

As seen on the latest Camera Coats...

{The Picture Tutorial}
And off we go!

Cut a strip of fabric about 2 inches wide and as long as you'd like it...this flower was aobut 8-9 inches long.  But if you'd like a larger flower just make ths strip longer.

Flip it over.

Put hot glue down one end of the strip.

And fold it over. 

Then on the folded end cut down 1/2"...but NOT all the way through.  Space the cuts about 1/3" apart.

Now add some hot glue along the bottom...

and roll that strip right up!  Just be careful...that hot glue may be wanting to meet those gorgeous little fingers of yours!

Flip the flower and hot glue the underside just to make sure it stays together.

And tah dah! Isn't that pretty?

Such a sweet embellishment for a headband, hair clip, dress, or a Camera Coat!:)

Thanks Jenn! And be sure to check out some of her cute hats and camera props at The BlueBerry Hill!



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i love this !!! it is so cute and looks some what easy,,thanks,,{ flower }

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