A Happy Heart

Do you ever forget how much you like something?  I sure do. 

Life gets so busy and crazy.  Sometimes the things we like to do the most are put on the back burner and forgotten. 

I have my sewing machine sitting on my kitchen table.  I leave it there on purpose so that when I walk by I remember all of the fun little projects I have to work on.  Unfortunately it sits there for long periods of time untouched.  Neglected.

Finally last week I pulled out some fabric and started working on few projects...and a little fire started burning inside of me. I had forgotten how happy my little hearts gets when I start creating little things. 

I think sewing does it for me because I'm really not that good at it and I have to focus.  The focusing clears my mind of worries, lists, and everything else because I HAVE to concentrate...so I don't ruin my projects too much.;)   Time flies and I feel creative and productive.  That's a good thing to remember.

To make a short story long ;), if you've been waiting for me to post some new tutorials, they are in the works.  And I'm excited about it.

Fabric: Riley Blake, Farm Fresh collection

{A Happy Baby}
And while my heart is happy when I'm creating, this little guy's heart is happy by playing.  And if you have one of these sweet people around you place you may understand exactly what I'm talking about.

We think we have to buy toys and take trips to enrich the lives of our little ones, but it really doesn't take that much. 

What makes your little heart happy?! 
If you have a minute, let us know!

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