Happy Dogs

{Because I'm a Joker}
Via my facebook page:

"Yesterday as I was coming out of a store I walked by a large suburban with tinted windows... out of the corner of my eye saw a curly haired brunette. I could tell she was looking at me so I naturally smiled...and when I looked directly at her I had to giggle. It was not a woman, but a huge dark poodle sitting the drivers seat I was smiling at. There's nothing like brightening a dog's day...hahaha."

I swear I do something like this almost everyday.  The other day I as we went throught the drive through I said "thank-you sir" to the person helping us.  When I looked up I wasn't sure if he was a "sir" so I quickly added, "oh, and mam, and all of you hard workers in there."  Afterwards Ethan and I had a great discussion about my folly and hoped I hadn't hurt anyone's feelings. Oh, and tried to figure out if the kind worker was a woman or a man. 

Darn it.  I guess if you can't laugh at yourself you can you laugh at? ;)

{Heart Cookies on a Stick}
And if you feel so inclined one winter afternoon like today...

{For Grandma}
Taken Via my friend Jenn who has an awesome hat businessLast month's on-site shoot: Ethan was the star of the show.

And here's one of Jenn's sweet hats on my little niece Charolette...

Yes, nothing but randomness. It must be late. Good night.

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swtelford said...

You make me smile! :)

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