"Day Maker"

{Little Things}
Sometimes when you feel a bit overwhelmed its the small moments that can really make your day.  This was my "day maker" today.

Aidan brought this home from pre-school.  {Since asking Aidan about school is a bit less effective (he's behind in his speech development) he gets these little papers sent home with him so I have some idea what in the world happens there.} 

The question was if he went to the bathroom--usually the answer is no.  However, today this was what the teacher wrote:

He didn't do it, but he tried. And for this sweet, stubborn, little guy this is a big deal.

Ah, the little things that make this mom happy. 

I hope you had a little "day maker" today too...
Love, Toad

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ElizabethMJaocb said...

it's the little things that make moms happy ;) now this i understand!!

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