Ninja New Year

{Just for Kicks}
As you may (or may not) know the Chiense New Year is fast fact it's Jan 23 in China.

If you didn't know, please don't feel bad.  If I didn't have ninja kicking, karate loving, mandarin speaking 7 year I wouldn't writing this post right now.;)  And when he got these for Ninja Cookie Cutters for Christmas (they are on sale for $5.49 right now!) we could hardly wait to make some little kickin cookies!

So, here you go.  Our 1st adventure with these little guys.  If you need a good sugar cookie recipe you can see the one I use here. I love it.

There's nothing like a shirtless toddler. 

Happy Chiense New 3 days!:)

Love, Toad

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Megan Marie said...

I love those cookie cutters!!!! Awesome!!!

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