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{Moms Products on KSL at noon!}
If you missed Fresh Living last week its okay...I'll be KSL talking about these great products again!    

When we think of Mother's Day we always think of moms, but this year think of all the ladies that have influenced your life!  I think they should call it Women's Day in celebration of all women (sisters, friends, teachers, etc) whether they have kids or not.   We all know amazing women that help us, our kids, or our families...let's celebrate them too!

And I'm heading to Ch 5 today for the noon news!  KSL is awesome and I love Lori Prichard!  She is really sweet & its always a blast to visit with her! 

#1 Camera Coats!
What mom doesn't have a camera?  These are the perfect way to protect your camera without carrying around another bag!  Padded, waterproof and perfect whether its around your neck or stuffed in your diaper bag.  

Discount Code: Get $15 off your order!  Code: KSL Expires: Sunday April 28, 2013. 
(Not good with any other offers.)

Camera Coats: Ditch Your Bag!  The ultimate padded protection for mom's DSLR...a Camera Coat!  Stylish and hip meet function with the best new way to protect your camera without having to carrying around another bag!  Created by a mom tired of carrying around so many bags but didn't want to leave her camera at home!  Perfect for the park, pool, traveling, or hanging around your neck.  Just put on your Camera Coat, throw your camera in your diaper bag, and go! www.cameracoats.com 

#2 Pop and Go
A water repellent scarf that is not only fashionable, but if it rain you just put on your head and you are protected!  I'm sending one of these to my grandma for sure. 

Fashion meets function with this Mom faveSpring means April showers, but what’s a girl to do when her hair is coiffed and chic, but it’s raining outside? Introducing the first water-repellent fashion scarf… meaning water lands on this savvy scarf and beads right off! The Pop.N.Go Scarf looks like any other darling designer scarf, with delish animal prints, feminine florals and super solids – but fashion truly meets function, as it keeps your hair bone dry and frizz-free!  http://buypopngo.com

#3 Bed of Nails
Okay, I love this thing.  Perfect for the stressed mom! You may be able to tell from the photo, but there are little pokey things all over this mat.  It works like a acupuncture or massage and stimulates circulation that release endorphin's.  

I've been using it and I think it works!  I had trouble sleeping last night so I used this little guy and I think it helped me fall asleep faster!   

For stressed out mamas who love a good spa day, comes Bed of Nails! These mats and pillows turn her bedroom into a therapeutic massage room, thanks to harmless plastic spikes that hit her pressure points. Using Bed of Nails mats is said to help alleviate stress, tension, muscle aches – and even help her sleep better!  http://us.bedofnails.org/

#4 Memory Blanket

Keep her memories alive! Moms love to let little clothes linger because they’re just too precious to give away, holding so many memories! Now, you can create a special memory quilt for mom – a quilt made of her children’s old, cherished clothes. From patches of lovely girl’s layette to fun boy’s jerseys – sky’s the limit at Willow Creek Studio:

#5 & #6 Mommy Jewelry

Get personal – this lovely line of mommy jewelry is handstamped with loving messages or the names of her sweet children. Lisa Leonard, a Mom herself knows how to design for today’s Mom – making her feel extra special www.lisaleonardonline.com

Marvelous Mommy jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank! This line makes Mom look like a celeb… for less: from Chic Cocktail Rings (starting at $10) to Super Statement Necklaces – from deco designs to gorgeous spring florals… to the most fabulous array of accessories to make her look red carpet readyhttp://allisonlauren.com

Ah, yes!  Mother's Day is taken care of!

Emily aka Toad

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