Back in the Game


All of your old time followers and as well as you new friends will be glad to hear that I'm turning over a new blogging leaf this year!  I turned 38 this month and this past year I've realized a few things.

One of them is how to use stress to be a positive force in my life instead of letting it drag me down. 
When life is stressful I always try to cut things out that may cause additional stress.  Some people don't like that, but that's okay. I can't do and be everything for everyone.  

My boys come first and then the rest. 

{Aidan's 4th bday}

Once I've cut additional "stressors" out, I've realized that there is still going to a certain level of stress in my life no matter how hard I try. Its the nature of life and part of the learning process. Right?

With that being said, I'm going to manage my stress better this year!  One way I do that is by doing things that I like to do, that take my mind of the "hard" things in life, and that are fun!  Blogging is one of those things. So, get ready for more regular posts...not only Toad's Treasures on Tuesdays but even MORE!  I like it.  Having a creative outlet keeps me going!

Sewing and creating also helps me deal with life... so, get ready for some fun new projects!

Yes, hold onto your hats.  I'm getting back in creative blogging game!  Yay!

And here's a snapshot of the year in pictures!  Without any particular order...:)

38 here we come!!


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