Spring Fun Follow Up!

{Sweet Things}
Ahhh, spring.  Its nice to see you again.

And before summer comes, lets follow up with that Easter post! 

{Egg Theme}
Creating a "theme" for our colored eggs was great fun this year.  Instead of pastel eggs that sat around...

we had a pirate party!  The eggs became our friends in adventure.  We got this little kit at Target and the had more "egg-citement" than we knew what to do with. 

{Edible Chow Mein Nests}
And if you've been wondering how we made these yummy nests, here's the recipe!

3 TBL Butter
1 10 oz package of marshmallows
1 6 oz package of rice or chow mein noodles.
(We tried the rice noodles this year and they turned out great!)

Melt the butter and marshmallow over low heat.  Add noodles and mix together.

To make the nests butter up your fingers and grab a glob!  Form an egg shape and allow to cool.  Add some little chocolate eggs and its a treat made in spring heaven!

{Fabric Bird Houses}
Every bird deserves a nice place to "eat out".  With so many fabric scraps laying around this place I just knew that I could do something with fabric to spice up these little houses we picked up at the dollar store.

It was a quick, easy project...just like the boys and I like 'em.  And I"m sure we'll be the hit of every bird in the area! :)

Easy & fun. If you've never made playdough before prepare to have your life changed.  (Well, if you have playdough loving little people running around!)

It was a great addition to our Easter baskets...

And so easy to make!  Here's the recipe from a previous post.  Have fun!

Happy Spring!


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