Halloween Mobile Tree via Aidan {TTT}

{Find a Stick}
For this "Toad's Tuesday Treasure" you'll need a good stick finder. This can be you or you can recruit someone a little closer to the ground to do your dirty work.   {Aidan (4) hopped off the bus and found this great stick which is how this all got started!}

You will need a stick that looks somewhat like this...

Then just stick your stick in a tin can and surround it with tissue paper. ;) This will keep your stick tree from falling over.  You could also use vase as a container or beans, rice, sand, or whatever you have around to keep that stick from going anywhere!

Now you'll need some festive Halloween friends. I just used the felt cutouts from a Joann's kit I got, but if you just want to make them theses are super simple.  And to make it easier for you I traced these so you can download and print them out (below)...I'm sure Joann's wouldn't mind. You can't really copyright pumpkins and bats. :)


Aidan and I whipped this up in no time!  I love that we can just swap out the ornaments/mobile pieces with leaves, acorns, and turkeys for thanksgiving!  Yes, another fun fall afternoon activity.:)


{Chalkboard Pumpkin}
And if you don't feel like making a "mobile" but want to get into the pumpkin type festivities...

or just grab those school pictures you just got back and try one of these!

So much to do, so little time!

{Fall Pictures}
I wanted to test out our neighbors awesome yard to see how it would be for some holiday picture taking.   There is nothing like asking someone to walk around their yard.  After we left I had to re-assure them that I don't always yell at the people I'm taking pictures of...I just had a few special customers...with my same last name.:)

So here's a sneak peek at my neighbors super cool yard {Thank-you Ryan and Juli. :)} & a preview of what will be coming with your holiday well-wishes.   Maybe you'll get a few ideas for your own fall photo shoot! {You know its coming!}

Love, Toady

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Unknown said...

Art on pumpkin is really very creative, and also that frame of apple shaped is too good. Love this post..


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