Class Treats: Alternative to Cupcakes! {TTT}

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I guess this week's "Toad's Tuesday Treasure" post quickly turned into a Thursday post...but even if we're a few days behind we haven't missed the party yet!  Last week Ethan turned 8.  I know, I can actually remember when I was 8 and it really doesn't seem that long ago.   Okay, maybe a little while ago...but who's counting?:)

So instead of messy cupcakes I decided to try a new little "treat" for Ethan to share with his classmates.  Simple, but the toothpicks/stickers just add a little something.  OOOh, and its just a teaser for the exciting "Lego City" birthday party we will have with his friends this weekend...

What you'll need:
Stickers with your party theme
Cardstock (for a sturdy backing)
Something yummy to poke!

Tip: Colored toothpicks are super fun!  

Grab a toothpick and sandwich it between a sticker and a piece of cardstock...cut...poke, and tahdah!

Cute and yummy.

{Pirate vs Ninja}
Who's your money on?!

The big guy has size, but the little man is feisty.  Good contest. May the best brother win...:)

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