CB Winner & Summer 2012

{Yay! Tickets!} 
Because of such a tremendous response for the Cornbelly's tickets, I've learned something this this weekend.  Most of you are not my geographical neighbors. Darn it.  :)  

But if you ever come to the Salt Lake Area be sure to let me know!   I have a few fun tips up my sleeve that I'd love to share with you!  In the mean time I'd better give these tickets away to one lucky gal...  

The winner of the Cornbelly's tickets is Heather!  Email me for the ticket details!

{Summer Scenes}
I will be the 1st to admit I am not an expert photographer...but I think its the challenge of learning a new trade that keeps my camera clicking!  

As part of my Best of Summer 2012 series, here are some favorite scenery shot.  I took them all on the Oregon Coast except for the one of Bob coming out of the Great Salt Lake, and also the one of the Timothy Lake night sky. {That one was taken by brother Peter and that's why its so much better than mine.  He's a genius with the camera/photography/creativity. I guess that why he started a digital media company.  Just sayin'! Be sure to go and "like" his Facebook page if you get a second!} 

Tadah!  Now go and practice some scenic shots of your own!  Just remember the rule of thirds (the skyline should be either 1/3 from the top or bottom) & have fun!  You can post your pictures on the Toad's Treasures Facebook page if you really get crazy!

Oh, and congrats to Heather! 

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