Adventuring in the Forest: Camping Crafts & Kicks!

{Camping with Young Kids}
If you've done it than you know that its always great to a have a few "fun" prepared activities when you need them.  If you're looking for a few ways to keep the younger crew busy here's a few ideas!

Paper Bag Journal & Make it Yourself Pens
I threw this together on the fly, but it was quite the hit...especially for our little cousin Lucy (5).  And I must admit that this little craft also came with a bit of an exterior motive...I wanted Ethan (7) to "journal" a bit aka practice writing during the summer break!:) 

I just took a paper bag and cut long the sides of it.  I cut some lined paper to fit inside the width and length of the bag and then stuck it inside.  I hole punched through and then grabbed some twine to keep it together.  All of this was done at the campsite...last minute Toad style! :)

I loved how the bag folds from 3 sides to make the little journal.  So did Lucy.  (Love her.)

Grabbing a "make a pen" kit from my dad's art/craft/business/studio room was another hit.  He got them on sale at a craft store (who knows where) and the kids brought these plastic tubes to life! (Lucy is using the one she made in the picture above & Trey is holding one in the picture below.)

Trey even went organic and put little rocks inside of his.  (I just keep telling the boys they are never too old or cool to craft it up...and they usually do love it. :)

Dollar store bingo.

The trick to make any game more fun it to have cool treat bags for winning.

Putting the bags together was another fun activity for Trey and Ethan.  They loved working with the candy, and I loved the help...and doing a little project with them!

And it brought all the kids to the table...and a little Toad too! (Picture taken by Tanya...Thanks Tan!)

Finger puppet play.  We never got around to it, but what a fun little stage!

Oh, um...and here's another fun vacation treat...that doesn't require any planning:) This is my big splurge on vacation.  :)

The bike. Fun anywhere, but super fun camping.

 Roasting.  (my mom and I giggled as we realized that when Aidan came to the table to get marshmallow to roast...he didn't even care what size.:)

Lakeside whiffle ball.  (please don't ask me why my brother Peter is in a towel for the big game...:)

The water. Great for fishing...


catching Salamanders,


 swimming and sitting on the "Relaxation Station", 


or whatever.

{Little Loving}
Of course loving our little ones should be done anywhere, but its especially fun when you're on an adventure.

Ah, such fun adventures.  And Happy Trails to you!

Love, A Tree Lovin' Toady

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone in your family had so much fun! Where did you guys go?

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