Yummy Watermelon Drink

{So Easy}
Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer! 

Ever wonder what to do with the leftover cut up watermelon that gets forgotten about in the fridge? My mom  made this yummy watermelon drink with it & I had to share...

All you do is blend up that soggy watermelon & add a lemon-lime drink!  {See, I told you it was easy.}

Its almost too good to be true...

I have to admit I was skeptical, but my taste buds were very happy after this refreshing drink!   So the next time you cut up that watermelon be sure to blend some up! Yum!

Emily aka Toad:)

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brthomas said...

Sounds great, but it contains a ton of sugar. I bet it would taste almost as good if you used sparkling water with the watermelon juice. The juice can also be used to make a watermelon sports drink.

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