Tigers & Sword Fighting

{Little Tiger}
What am I going to do with this wild little guy?  (Well, besides love him to pieces!  I can't resist those little arms around my neck and kisses on my cheek... in spite of everything else!)

And big news...we've got the big boy Ninjago undies & he has conquered going #1. (Yippee!)

However, before you start cheering, we are still working out the fine details.   If you were at the starting line of the school Fun Run (there were hundreds of you) then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Yes, that was Aidan who ran across the parking lot and just whipped it out and peed on the grass.  (Fortunately with his bum towards the crowd!)  I tried to catch him, but this little man is fast.  By the time I got to him it was too late & I honestly didn't know what to say or do but apologize to everyone around us.  

 Fortunately most of the parents and the police office on the motorcycle ready to lead the Fun Run just laughed it off.  I'm sure one day...I'll laugh about it too...but for now I just have to keep him going in the right direction (no pun intended.:).


And this is my contribution to this week's photo collection as Simple As That.

And this is what happens when you try to take pictures of Camera Coats...

And then it was Aidan's turn to take a few of me.  (Oh boy.)  Don't worry, I'm only posting one of the non-blurry ones...:)

{Big Tiger}
And now onto the celebration of Father's Day.  
We love our Dad/Father/Husband. 
Our hard working, kindle loving, super swim guy. 

Love ya Bob!

{Mine again}
1st grade just about did me in this year.

I always thought that I'd love having my kids in school, but now I get all of you homeschoolers.  (Too bad he isn't quite as motivated or happy to do schoolwork with me!  Anyone else get my drift?)

I missed this kid & found myself a little envious of his teachers. 

Last day of school...Hurray!

We started off our summer break with fencing camp. Nope, we don't know a thing about fencing...except that Ethan likes to sword fight.  And now he likes it even more. 

Oh, and the word "lunge" has taken on a whole new meaning!

{Summer Days} 
And now we'll spend everyday watching the old Gillian's Island (highly recommended summer show) keeping these boys from wrestling and/or fighter each other to death, & going to Cowabunga Bay!  Well, at least until we head to our yearly Mecca to Oregon in a few weeks.  

3 cheers for summer & kudos to all of you great Dads out there! 
Love, Toad

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