Berries on, 90 Gone

{Berries On}
We made it! After recruiting my mom to drive with me and the boys...we left last week on our annual Oregon Trek.  For those that may be new to my blog...this little venture is truly one of this Toad's  greatest treasures!  

I grew up running around my parents 5 acres and now I bring my babies back to do the same for a month...and we all love it!

 Needless to say, these upcoming posts/pictures are some of my faves for the year!

{90 gone}
As a kid in the NW, being cold in the summer just wasn't an option.  Little pools filled with ice cold hose water & and attempting to body surf on the Oregon Coast was just a way of life.  (I wonder if birth rates are down because of that:) Well, those days are long gone!  Going from 90+ degrees to low 70's is enough to make an old woman out of me.  It took 2 days and a hot shower to warm this body up!

Before we left we enjoyed great (warm) times at the local water park.  We got passes for Christmas & when I get a pass I have to get my moneys worth!  I guess this month in Oregon will be a good little break, but don't worry...we'll be back! :)

And today Tanya & I just sewed some of the cutest little dresses you could ever see.  If we can get these little nieces of mine to hold still I'll try to get a picture or two!

Love, Your Oregon Toad

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