Lego Me: I {Heart} Faces

{All Boy}
My younger brother Peter was a lego lover. I remember how he'd spend hours and hours creating little gems and then recreating them over and over again.  

After I went away to college I never thought much about legos...well, that is until I had a little lego-lover of my own.  My eyes have been opened.  And believe me, finding a cute lego-lady to be when we play isn't easy around these parts.  So when we went to Legoland last month I was on a mission to find a cute lego-woman.  (No more of this disco 80's or brutal Roman women for me!)  You see, the employees at Legoland have little lego people on their nametags.  If you like the one they have, they'll swap you for it.  Isn't that great?

So during my mission to find a mini-me for myself we actually found a mini-me for Ethan.  Okay, he found it, but I love it.  Every button on that shirt is button up to the top...just like Ethan wears his shirts to school. 
(I tried to tell him that most people don't button the top button on a polo shirt, but his own fashion sense won out. Oh, to be a 1st grade teacher as these little people figure themselves out...:)

So there you have it.  
Can't get more of boy or a lego-boy then that! :)

Oh, and PS...Pete is still creating.  Some of you may remember that catchy little video he made from video he took at Aidan's 2nd birthday party.  He is an AMAZING photographer/video maker/commercial designer/multi-media genius.  He just launched his website & facebook page and its pretty darn sweet. If you need any marketing help...he is definitely the answer.  And I bet if you ask really nicely he'll even make you a little something out of legos! :)

Love, The Lego-Lovin' Toady

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A Family Completed... said...

I really like this. We are just entering the lego phase in our house. Exciting, I am a tad nervous about stepping on a lego in the middle of the night... I do remember those things hurt!

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