PaperToad Code

{PaperToad Code}
3 more days.  Tuesday will be the last day you get $18 FREE to put towards anything at! (That's enough to get a FREE journal!!)

Just don't want you to miss out! Father's Day wouldn't have been the same without these sweet gems we made for Bob using Paper Coterie!  Finally I have something to do with all of these pictures I've been taking! (Well, beside blog with them when I have time!)

Code: PaperToad  {Paper Coterie + Toad's Treasures= PaperToad.:)}
Expires June 25, 2012. Not valid with any other offers or deals. Standard shipping rates apply. 

Thanks Paper Coterie!!

DeskTop Sentiment...

These heavy paper cards slip right on top so you can switch them out whenever you want!

And it stands alone so you can put it anywhere!

Next up, the NEW Daily Documenting Book!  I can't tell you how many times I've written down little experiences or quote from the boys on random pieces of paper never to be seen again.  This little spiral notebook should finally do the trick!

I think it would also make a GREAT gratitude journal...

{Dad's Book}
We have a sentimental guy at our house.  He may be a big football coaching, Thai food loving man, but his heart is as soft as they come.  (Just watch one episode of Home Makeover with him and you'll know what I mean.:)}

And we hope you're having a GREAT summer!  

We are heading to Oregon next week so get ready for those berry-filled, lake loving, coastal bliss picture coming soon! 

XOXO, One Summer-Lovin' Happy Toady

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Christi said...

I really like this company and was wanting to do a documenting life book but forgot about your special deal. So glad you did a reminder! Yours look super-great!

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