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{Veggie Gift}
Have you ever wondered what to get that birthday boy or girl?  Usually I dread it...walking up and down the toy aisle with the kids (yuck) trying to get a present that we'll give away (yeah, that always goes over so well).  So lately I've been on a quest to find gifts that will be easy to get and won't just be lost in the toy chest and forgotten.  After all, if I'm going to spend the money I want it to be worth it! 

My aunt Diane is so great about getting meaningful and usually educational gifts for the boys and I love it.  She's given them the Grow a Butterfly kit, ant farms, books like "Everybody Poops", and other super fun and memorable presents.  Following in her footsteps I've found a few "birthday gift gems!"

The first one is a Veggie Tales grow a garden kit! We love those silly, funny,  dancing, & sweet singing vegetables that teach such great lessons...and having a garden full of them put a smile on this mom's face!

It comes with this darling garden tote & tools.

It also comes with everything you need start your own little garden. Mini-style.

April may bring showers, but we'll make the most of it! Talk about a fun, dirt filled afternoon (or at least 1/2 hr :)!

Ethan has already decide what Aidan should draw on his pumpkin.  Aidan has already tried to dig up the seeds.

I guess the lesson of patience will be next!  (And I hope my lack of a green thumb doesn't thwart their efforts!:)

Veggie Tale Garden Kit $9.99 at Walmart.

{Seeing is Believing}
This next find is definitely a step up from sprouting a bean with a paper towel in a plastic bag. (Remember that?)

This Root Viewer has high expectations among these boys...and I'm hoping that these seeds really take root!  (Although if we can't grow something with Miracle Grow on our side we have a real problem...)

No, this is not crushed up may want to let your 3 year old in on that secret before the dirt leaves the container...:)

Another fun-filled gift...watering, waiting, watching...repeat.

This one even comes with a an information triangle full of knowledge!  (This comes in handy when those questions come and you're like me and haven't had a science class in a while...:)

Root Viewer $9.99 Walmart

{Throw It}
I just walked right by these little pedals, not even thinking twice. But Aidan (as usual) had another idea. I giggled as they flew all over the place, including right back into his little face.
No, its not a gift you can give as a present...but just a little gift Aidan gave to me yesterday and one that is always great to pass on...

Enjoying the Moment.

Last one, if you have kids with names that begin with an A or E
here's some cookies they might be fond of...

let me know what you end up doing with the I and K's! :)

What gifts do you like to give?!

Your gift giving Toady

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