Take me out...

{Trey's game}

Who can resist a going out to the ballgame?! We can't.

Our cousin Trey had a game on Saturday and it was so fun to watch. For a special treat they had the game in a "real" stadium and announced each player as they came up to bat! It was so cute.

Families typically have traditions of things they like to do together--growing up we spent HOURS and HOURS at the ballfield. Of the 6 kids in my family {I have 5 younger siblings} all of us played at somepoint in our lives and 5 of us played through high school.

Pictured below: My brother Travis and his wife Tanya.

And speaking of siblings...

Because I was the 1st to leave home for college I missed out on most of my brothers and sisters games. While I was on my church mission I even missed Travis playing in the Oregon High School Baseball State Championship game. My parents would send me pictures from the paper and I really missed being there. I heard it was a nail biter!

Trav is now playing on a softball team and since I was in town I got to go and watch him last night! I was excited to be back at the field rooting on my bro.

We bundled up the kids...

Love this Lucy!

and headed out to the ballpark!

My brother hasn't lost his touch! I was impressed with how fast he still is!

Of course the boys just had fun running around with all of the kids...and playing in the dirt.

And there were the cutest kids at the game...check this sweet little blondie named Liam!

Yes, we are having a great time in Oregon. But don't worry. Bob is fine. We miss him and he misses us, but school has started again for him and he's busy, busy, busy. {He actually likes and encourages these trips because he can get so much done.}

And...its suppose to be in the 70's this week and in the 60's at the coast. That's what I'm talking about. I hope its nice in your neck of the woods too!


Crystal said...

Looks like a fun trip-I love visiting family. that last picture of you and your boys is so cute!

Janas Bananas said...

I am sooo jealous!! I love your "going home" blogs, they just make me happy. I love all the green in the back ground. Glad you are having a good time!

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