Memories of Oregon April 2009

A few highlights of our trip...

One woman in the SLC airport commented, "My daughter would NEVER take her boys by herself on a trip like this!" When we arrived in Portland we must have been a sight hauling 2 carseats, 2 roller bags, one duffel bag, a diaper backpack, Ethan's mini roller bag, and the stroller...I also say this because Ethan asked me, "Why do people keep looking at me?" Granted, in Oregon there aren't as many little people in places like airports.
It was great when several onlookers cheered and gave Ethan a high five as he helped me get all our stuff through the circling door. We made it & I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
Crafting with Tanya:

This picture is self explanitory.

Fun at 5232:

Grandma & Grandpa Smith with all of their grandkids.(pre-Ezra)

The Beach:
And of course the beach. A trip to Oregon isn't a trip unless you go to the coast at least once.

One of my favorite things about being a "SAHM" -as Dr. Laura calls it- is seeing all of things that they boys get to experience for the first time. Watching Aidan experience the sand between his toes was so sweet. (PS Dr. Laura's new book is AWESOME. I'll do a post on it soon...its so great!)

Do you remember as a kid trying to get your kite to fly?! Ethan was so excited to do it by himself for the 1st time. Unfortunately the kite ripped...but who cares when you can run and play in the sand and water anyways!

When we first got to the beach Ethan asked me if he could take off his sweatshirt. I asked him why & he matter-of-factly told me he was going to go swimming. He called the ocean his swimming pool.

Ethan may be a cop when he grows up. He loves to enforce rules. When Lucy tried to run away to the water, Ethan did everything physically possible to keep her from getting wet. I took this pictures after Tan went with Aidan to ease the situation...:)

Back at the Bella beach house...

And I wonder why I always gain weight when I visit home. Tanya & I took turns making meals at the beach house...I devour anything that gal makes. It didn't help that Travis grilled up some of the best steaks I've ever had. (And no, staying up playing rock band until you are delirious does NOT burn extra calories. Neither does "swimming" with the kids in the hottub or shopping at the outlets.:)

And I finally got to put again in his swim gear! I can't get enough of that kid!

Thanks for a fun trip TNTT&L! Love you guys!

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