Makes me Smile

Aahh, to be 4 again. School was so much fun, friends were really your friends, and eating and sleeping were such a bother. Ethan is no exception, & I love what runs through that little mind of his...

#1 While playing outside in the sandbox with a friend the other day, the boys decided they needed some water to build a sand castle. I turned it on so a little trickle (which, of course, was confused with tickle...:) of steady water came out. This wasn't enough for them. Here's the dialogue that took place...

Ethan: "Mom!"
Me: "What?" (I was sitting inside with the screen door open.)
Ethan: "I have an idea, we can work together to get more water!"
Me thinking: "That's great that they are going to help eachother to get what they need to done. Maybe we are actually getting through to him..."
Ethan: "I just need you to go and turn the water on so more will come out and I can fill this bucket!"

#2 "Mom, will you put that hot dog on a sponge for me?" (Evidently sponge=bun)

#3 Last week Ethan randomly (or so I thought) asked me to take off my shoes. When I asked him why he simply stated, "I think its so feautiful (beautiful) when you paint your feet." I never realized the impact painting my toesnails would have anyone.

And he's not the only one...

Hopefully Tanya (or Trey) won't mind if I tell this story. Its too funny.

Everytime we go to Oregon we always leave something behind. Last week Tanya had started to collect all of our little things into a pile upstairs.

As Trey (Ethan's 4 year old cousin) was gettting ready for school he grabbed something from the pile and put it on. Evidently he had picked Aidan's PJ bottoms and put them on as boxer shorts. (It must have been a sight...since they were probably a little tight!:)

Tanya explained that they were Aidan's shorts & Trey then looked at the pile. He saw a pair of Ethan's underwear that had been left behind and said,

"Why do people leave their underwear at other people's houses?!" Then he grabbed a pair of Travis' exercise shorts and said, "I bet these are Bob's underwear too!"

I start to giggle everytime I think about it. He makes a good point...people really shouldn't leave their undewear at other people's houses.:) Gotta love 'em.


Anita said...

Thanks for the Monday morning laughs! Adorable kids - both of them!

aunt choody said...

That is a really funny story.

Siri said...

Kids do say the darndest things! Love it. So cute!!

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