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{Last Minute}
Okay, reality check...who doesn't need a last minute every now and then?  If you happen to be one of these fine people I won't waste any more time talking, but I'll just give you a few simple ideas.  (These can also be seen during my "Creative Segment" on KSL Ch 5 on December 24 around 6:45 AM. Yay!)

Find a Frame, Print a Quote
Yes, its that simple! If you have a frame lying around your place this a fast, easy thoughtful gift! You can print one of our favorite quotes HERE!

Black and White Photos work well too...

Magazine Subscription
Print is still IN! If you need something on the fly this is a great option! And here is one of my new favorite magazines: Click!

Twig Decor
Get the kids out of your hair and out collecting sticks!  Details on how to make this natural decor can be found on my previous post HERE.

Make a Chalkboard
Grab whatever you find, spray it, and go!  Don't tell Bob I stole one of his football coaching clipboards...:)

Pencil Holders
And not the kind the men in our life seem to have on a regular basis...:)  With all of that holiday cooking you are bound to have a can or two around. Just grab some glue (or a hot glue gum) & wrap the can with fabric or paper! Previous post HERE. 

Oh and I just found these great tags by I thought I'd share.  Love that whimsical style!

{A Peak}
And like most of you we have been running around this place like crazy! Here a quick peak into some of our holiday fun!

Wishing you the best Christmas ever!

Love, Toad and the Fam

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