Print A Present + Gift Tags

{Print A Present}
Simple and thoughtful...just like any gift should be!  

Thanks to a sweet gal who left a comment, I have updated these little booklets so that they can be used as a Holiday Gift!  Yay! (Great idea by the way!)

For the step by step guide of how to put them together you can CLICK HERE.  Then you (or someone you know) can fill the pages with pictures, words, or whatever!

{Gift Tags}
And now for my annual gift tag collection. Some of these are from past years, but they may still come in handy!  I created all of these for your printing enjoyment! Have fun!

If you're doing the 12 days of Christmas these little round gems might come in handy!

If you gift is "Handmade With Love" this one is great...

And don't forget to say "Thanks!"

 How's that for a Holiday Print Party!

+Emily Ashby

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Dawn said...

Thanks Emily! You're awesome!

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