Boys Will Be Boys

{I Heart Faces Photo Challenge: "Best Faces From 2012"}
Growing up with 3 younger brothers I thought I knew boys.  How much they ate, how hard they played, and how funny (and/or annoying;) they could be.

However is wasn't until I had boys of my own that started to see just how important it is for boys to be boys.     Enter my 4 year old: Aidan.  For this little guy food is only for getting energy enough energy to get to the next adventure, playing hard means that you may get hurt...or may hurt someone (on accident, of course), and funny takes on a whole new world when you start yelling in a loud whisper "be quiet!!" to crying babies during a church service. 

I've discovered that to really be himself...and be happy... he needs to run, wrestle, and be rowdy. Its healthy. Its  sweet.  And its all about being a boy.

And although it may sometimes drive me soon as those little arms wraps get wrapped around my neck and and I hear the words "I wove you" whispered in my ear I remember how much I love boys...and how much boys really do need to be boys

Why I love this photo:
The garb: sword, spiderman, and long johns all at once. 
The hair: good morning sunshine!
The dirty face:  I could have edited that chocolate around his lips, but I couldn't do it. I love it. Although now that I think about it I'm not sure what he must have eaten for breakfast to make that mark. :)
The look: The "watch out mom my adventure has just begun" look.  
The venue: Summer 2012. Outside at my parents house in Oregon, in the backyard where I grew up and invented so many of my own stories. 

Photo Challenge Submission

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