And Then He Was 3

I'm not a child expert, but I do need thank Aidan for helping me be a better mom and person.  Without his help this past year I never would have understood what the term "terrible two's" meant, had that "lost child" feeling at least once a day, or been on my knees pleading for more patience and guidance.

He also helped me learn how better live in the moment.   I didn't want to miss a second of that belly laugh or little arm around my neck.  Taking a deep breathe and trying to figure out what was going on in his little world has help me live a fuller life. 

Don't get me wrong, many nights I've gone to bed mad at myself for not being a more patient, loving, or kind.   I hate that.  But knowing I'll get another chance in the morning to love and kiss on Aidan {and Ethan too} helps...

Although his speech is not quite up to where most kids his age should be, he makes up for it with his ability to be as physical as any kid can be and flashes the sweetest smile ever.   At least I think so.

{Trains & Cake}
Last year it was Buzz and Woody {which are both still high in Aidan's book}, but for this year's party we decided to focus on something that is constantly on this little guy's mind...trains.

It was a VERY low key family party.  Simple and fun. 

Once Aidan finally decided to come open presents the kids were thrilled.  Look at little Lucy's face in the next few pictures...

Opening paper? 

The funny thing is that he probably wouldn't have cared if that was all he got.

I had grand ideas of making a cool marshmellow fondant train cake, which totally bombed.  The train cars were actually not too bad so that's what we ate...

and it was great.

{A Year in Pictures}
Using the potty, starting preschool, better speech, and being a "bigger" helper.  This next year will be great.

But before we move on, I have to flash back to Aidan's life the past year.  Isn't it great how pictures can bring back such great feelings and memories?  I'm posting these in random order, and mostly so I never forget them, but you may enjoy them too.

My heart swell's with love when I look at these pictures.

Love you Baby.

Happy Birthday "A".

Love, Mom


Tanya said...

he is a cute little guy. ha ha my favorite picture that had me giggling was #13 from the top:o)

RaD said...

I completely understand your description of your adventure during Aiden's second year, my daughter was the same way. We used to say she defined the term the terrible twos. She is also busy and active, creative and funny, and raising her has had me pulling out my hair in frustration and laughing near to tears. Today she is still a busy, crazy (one week shy of) 8 year old, who drives me crazy one second and takes my breath away the next.

Enjoy your journey!

Siri said...

He is THE cutest kid EVERRRR!! Kiss his cute cheeks for me! :)

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