Playdough & Progress

{Giant Gumballs}
Ethan: "Wow, that's creative Emily.  They look like giant gumballs!"   

Now that's a actually a great idea!  Who wouldn't love to get a sore jaw from chewing a gumball that size!:)

{And yes, sometimes Ethan and I are on a 1st name basis.  Although its usually when other moms are around because he thinks its less confusing and he knows he'll get my attention.  My dad doesn't really like it, but I don't mind.  I just told Ethan only 2 people in the whole world can call me mom and he's lucky to be one of them...;)}

{The Playdough Recipe}
What do you do when you miss your cousin's 3rd birthday party?  Make something fun for him of course!  {Oh, and sorry we haven't mailed it yet Greyson!  We'll get it to you soon!:)}

If you've never made playdough before.... well, you've never done anything so easy that is so much fun.  You just mix it all up and heat it on the stove.

At first I thought it would be fun to send the playdough balls all wrapped up like this,

but then I remember I had this empty, clean ;) plastic mayo jar! Oh yeah!

This is what happened next...

And yes, another random printable to save the day. Want one? It would actually be pretty darn cool around a 2 Liter of pop too! 

{PS I just have to warn you that the paper was about 1/2" to short when I put it around the jar.  I just tapped it that way and it turned out fine.}

Click Here to get yours!

{Batman Baby}
And since Greyson was having a Lego Batman party... how about some memory/go fish/old maid/ or whatever else you can think of cards!  I just googled the pictures, made 2 of each, and pulled out that laminator...

And what kid wouldn't be happy with this combo?!:) 

Could I be any more random? Really?:)

{Open Eyes}
And on a different note...sometimes its hard for me to see how things or people close to me change over time.  I think its partly because I've lost a few brain cells during pregnancy and I have a terrible memory {really, i'm not kidding;)}, but mostly because each day I'm so focused on the boys and trying to keep some sort of balance in my life.

However, these last few weeks my eyes have been opened to some great progress happening in our home...

{The John}
Ethan is totally growing up.  Boo. 

As I stood at the door of the men's bathroom at Costco yelling, "Are you Ok?!" over and over, I couldn't believe he was brave enough to go into the men's by himself.  This was the 1st time in a public place I let him do it, but I guess any mother passing by could have told you that.  Boy that makes me nervous. But we he did it. 

Boo hoo hoo...
He's also been  praying "the bad guys turn good" and "that the good guys will be happy."  His teachers at church told me that in one prayer he asked that Satan will turn good.  Hmmm...once again I'm schooled in understanding why we are commanded to become like little children...

And talk about growing up...he's also starting to really grasp the concept of money.  As we left Costco he thanked me for spending my money so that we could have food. I know.

He is also trying terribly to save up for a remote control R2D2 so he's been trying to add items to his little Etsy shop.  I can't tell you how thrilled he was when a cake decorator in AZ ordered some sticks.  {Okay, I have to admit I was excited too...}

And here's the latest product added to Sticks and Things!  I mean what pre-schooled aged crafter couldn't use a set of these!:)

{Hey, I wouldn't be a good mom if I didn't "plug" his shop...right?:)}

{Mountain Climbing}
Progress for this next family member has come in a different way.  Aidan is 2 1/2 and is about 9 months behind in his speech development.  The last few months have been full of testing, speech education, and many breakdowns for both of us. 

Turns out even without any major physical, emotional, or cognitive issues, speech delay is somewhat common for boys these days.  Aidan scored in the 90th percentile in his fine motor and problem solving skills and 1% on his speech.   I've been learning a TON, but one of the most important thing is that early intervention is so important.  By the time kids are 3 they won't qualify for help from most community programs...thank goodness for my Aunt Diane who encouraged me to "just get him tested."

And if I didn't love him so much...

Our frustration levels have been high.  I'm trying desperately to understand and help him form new words, and he is doing his best to let me know what he wants and needs...

My empathy for parents with special needs kids has multiplied by a million.   I think God blesses them with gifts the rest of us don't have or need to have.

Using the techiniques I've been learning from our awesome speech therapist and from my own reading and studying we've seen great progress.  Aidan has gone from about 10 words to 35 in a matter of weeks.  We still have a ways to go, but we've started hiking the switchbacks that will help us conquer this mountain.

{The Husband}
And I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't tell Bob what great progress he making with his "lifestyle" change!  He started on Nutrisystems in January and has lost about 18 lbs!  Healthy? Yes.  And look at those jeans starting to get a little baggy...;)

And as for me?  I've become a historian. 

Okay, maybe not officially, but I've been compiling and editing the life history of one of the greatest examples in my life, my Grandpa Johnson. 

Its taken many late hours and naptimes to work on it, but I just finished the 1st rough draft.

I'll be headed to visit him next week and we'll work out more details.  By our next family reunion his posterity should have a book for the ages.

(This pictured was taken in 2006 at his 90th birthday party and family reunion.)

{Shy guy}
And as far as project progress goes...this little friend is just about ready to make his big debut!  I'm in the final "pattern and tutorial" stages, and I'll see if I can't convince him to come out soon!

So in conclusion...

May your March days be full of "giant gumballs" and "opened eyes" as you recognize more progress than you know what to do with!:)
Loves Ya,


Jenn said...

Ethan's Etsy shop is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Margethai Adventures: Finding Beauty at Home and Abroad said...

That is so great to hear about Aidan's progress! Glad for the both of you!

Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such an inspirational place to visit. I'll be back again and again.

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