No Pinching Zone

{March 17}


What? Hey there. What just one minute!

What are you two doing?  This is suppose to be a post about St. Patrick's Day not Spring or Easter!  Stop your "cheepin'" and listen! 

You weren't suppose to make your big debut for a few more days!  You know how hard I've been working on your pattern and tutorial! 

Listen, its almost your turn.  Just hang in there.  You'll meet our blogging friends soon enough. 

And in the mean time while I put the finishing touches on these two silly birds,

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Love, Toad

1 comment:

deonthemom said...

Those are some seriously cute chicks! I think each of my children need one! Darn it, I cannot take four kids to the fabric store.. what to do... what to do?

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