Toady Pen & Trunky for Spring

How cute is this little toad pen?  Perfect for a little toad like myself.;)  Yes, I'm a toad.  And if you haven't heard the story, you have to know that I had no choice about it.  When I was a baby swimming in the tub my Grandma Johnson came in, saw me swimming, and proclaimed, "She looks like a little toad!  A little Emmy-toad!"  Needless to stuck.;)

So when I was walking through the dollar area at Joann's I had to have this little guy. And behind that cute little toad is some fun fabric I picked up for a few projects I've been working on {and hope to share with you soon!}. They are taking forever, but crafting always comes #2 or #3 in the battle for my time. #1? Ah, you already know the answer to that...:)
{Zebra Owls}
I can hardly believe its been a year and over 5,500 downloads since I first posted the pattern and tutorial for this owl!  This sweet lady ordered 2 owls from me on Etsy a few weeks ago.  Actually she thought she was getting the owl when she bought the pattern so I offered to make her few.  After she got them she ordered 2 more {pictured below} and I had to show you how great they turned out!  Cute right?

{PJ's & Snow Play}
Now for the homefront...I giggled when Ethan's teacher told me that they were having pj and pancake day.  If only we could all be so comfortable getting on the bus and facing the world in our pajamas.

February in Utah is so weird.  It will snow like crazy and be freezing cold, and then the next week be warm enough to walk around without a coat. This week its been back to snow which bring out the snow play that we can't resist...

And it may be fun in the snow, but it doesn't change my feelings about spring.  If you're trunky for a change of season like I am, then you may be interested in these fun projects I posted last year!  Yes, they are a little early...but well, I'm ready.  Just looking at the pictures made me smile.;)

Click Here for how I made this Cookie Flower Bouquet.

Click Here for this fun egg and grass post!

XOXO: Emmy-Toad ;)


deonthemom said...

I am gonna plant me some Grass today! Yay for spring!

Lainey Laine said...

Just found your blog! How clever are you. Really love what you do. I especially love your owl cushions. Brilliant xxx

Jenn said...

Lovin' the chevron owls!!

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