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Hello! From $40 vinyl giveaways to family & my latest projects--you'll never know what's coming next with this post!

{Namecard Holders} Yesterday was my mother-in-laws birthday so I took on my 1st Easter dinner. Fortunately I didn't ruin anything & I found a another use for our cute "Easter Grass" cups: placecard holders!
I put one for each person behind their plate--it really dressed up the table! {PS The clear cups worked out the best for our grass..."note to self" for next year!}

We also had a fun Easter surprise when my sister Margo showed up! For those who are trying to keep up on her life, she is moving back from Chicago and is training for an Ironman race! {Ironman: 1 mile swim, 100 mile bike, and a marathon all in one race!}

{St. George} When my parents came to visit from Oregon, we went down and visited my grandpa and my youngest sibling Steph. Grandpa is amazing. We are all looking forward to celebrating his 95th birthday next summer!

We try to get a group shot every time we visit Grandpa--with a sparkle in his eye and a sweet grin on his face he always says, "You'd better get a picture now, it may be the last one!"

Aidan wasn't to keen on the idea...maybe next time!

{$40 VINYL GIVEAWAY!} And speaking of St. George--my good friend Marlynn let us stay in her great house! {THANKS AGAIN!} She is also having a drawing for $40 of FREE vinyl on her blog right now! Her business is Lett'er Express It--you should check it out. {She also makes customs orders if you don't see something you'd like.}

And check out one of her latest designs...these cute dots! She's selling 60 of them for ONLY $8 plus FREE SHIPPING!

{Kelly's Play!} A few weeks ago I put on my "nice" shoes for night on the town at the Hale Theater in Orem.

You see, my cute cousin Kelly was in this great producion!

Kelly is a theater major at BYU & I've seen her in alot of plays, but this is definitely one of my favorites! She was so hilarious! {And so was the fact that I was wearing almost an identical outfit to her 1st costume!}

Even her grandma came to see our shining star.

Look how proud her Dad and Grandma are. And I was so proud too...great job Kel!

{Reversible Apron} Wonder what I've been up to on that machine of mine? This sweet reversible apron!

I wanted to make one for my mother-in-laws birthday, but Ethan was on the computer so I couldn't print out a pattern. Instead, I just made my own! {I have a hard time following most patterns anyway!}

My friend Janeen was my model {thanks Janeen} & look how cute it turned out!

I know there are a million aprons out there, but I'm loving how EASY this was to make!

I'm working on the tutorial now, so find 3 cute patterns of fabric you want to use & get that machine ready! Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the rest of my "travel" ideas from our CA trip. They will be coming! See you soon!


Donna@My Sweet Things said...

I always enjoy stopping by to see what you have been up to! Your photos are so colorful and sharp. I love that apron and will make some time for sewing that one.
Thanks Emily!

Janette said...

I love the apron. I have been wanting to make one.

. said...

What a fun post. I love the one above about the butterflies. But those pictures you posted have made me realize: I need to eat healthy and lose a pound or two, my face is plump! Whoo! Love you, I love having you at my shows!

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