Fallin' Down, Happy Dishes, & a Winner!

{Story of Life}

Do you ever feel like this? Things seem to be going just fine and you think you have your "footing", and then this happens?

{Okay, I still can't stop giggling about this picture. I've thrown away my chance for "Mom of the Year" again---instead of running to the aid of my baby I'm taking pictures of it---giggle, giggle.}

Then you have to get yourself back up,

nurse your wounds,

and head back to the top of hill---hoping, praying, and knowing things will get better...

And they do.

And you thank your Father in Heaven for the chance to learn and grow some more. And when you fall again, you know he'll always be there just like he was the last time. And you smile.

The End

I guess this is what happens when you blog right after you read good night stories! But I couldn't help it---so much symbolism---oh, and I love this little man.


Today was a big day for this little guy. We went to his Kindergarten orientation! Ahhh, Kindergarten. The best year in the history of school. Who doesn't love it?!

Do you want to feel totally old? The principal got up and announced that Ethan's class would be the class of 2023. Um, yeah. That means he will graduate from high school exactly 30 years after me. Its just mind boggling.

{And he also chipped his front tooth this week! You can't really tell in this picture, but there is a nice gap now--the joys of being a boy.}

Oh man I love this kid. While watching the "Sprout" station he decided to log on and make this picture for me.

{This happens quite a bit---he'll see a show and then he has to immediately get on the computer and do whatever it is they want him to. Some of you may remember how he tried to get us all to buy Aqua Globes after watching the info-merical!:)}

So we had to pose for a picture and then he colored it and give it to me. He said it was for Mother's Day and for my birthday. Yes, I'll be 35 on Sunday. {But I certainly don't feel that old--and the 30's are the new 20's right?!:)}


I'm lovin' spring!

Confession: I wanted to make this bird feeder after they showed us how on Sprout. So far we haven't really had any takers that I know of. Does it really work?

This hand-me-down 4 wheeler {from my awesome aunt Diane} is going to be the hit of the summer. And if you look closely through the trees you can see how close we live to the Draper Temple! Its so beautiful, especially at night.

{And no, this is NOT our house!:) We've kept our house as a rental property--with awesome renters I might add--and we are hanging out in my in-laws basement until Bob finishes school this summer. And YES, we have our own entrance & we are LOVING it here!}

And I haven't forgotten about the dishmat winner!

I used random.org and the winner is Carla! She has a fun , unique, and very creative blog so you should check it out! One of my favorite projects on her blog is the cutest handmade doll ever.

Congrats! Just email me at toadstreaures@gmail.com and send me your mailing address!

{Happy Dishes}

Word in the kitchen is that there are going to be a great deal of happy dishes who get to dry on great dish mats! I'm excited for all of you to make these sweet treats!

I also LOVED hearing what you all had going on in the craft arena. Its very inspiring.

{Tutorial Clarification}

Okay people, I just need to clarify a picture on my last tutorial. On the picture where I show you {with the black lines} where to pin on the fold PLEASE do not use that many pins. It was just suppose to show you where on the towel to put pins. {Well, I guess you can use that many, but you really don't need to unless you are going to take it outside and make a kite out of it or something!;)}

And along those lines, the dashes that show you where to sew are crooked. Please don't sew crookedly---just go for straight down the fold. ;)

And here's another sneak peak of my upcoming tutorial! No, this is not my hand---I totally made my football coach of a husband pose for this one. hee, hee. :) I'm also going to show you how to make "mini mits"---its a work in process so I'll post it ASAP.

Thanks for enduring this long post. You guys rock. Seriously. Have a great weekend & we'll see you again soon!


chris said...

Hooray for kindergarten and sweet little boys.

cArLa said...

hi emily, thank you! i'm so excited to see my new dish mat! i will send you an e-mail with my address. i love this post, the boys are so sweet! your post is very inspiring and touching... xo, carla

jordan parke said...

How cool is your blog. I love it. Your boys are changing so fast. I wish you were closer so we could hang and do crafts together. Have fun.

Neumaisse said...

Look at your gorgeous little man! (I'm not some random weirdo, honest, I found your blog when I googled "crafty blogs by Moms" :D)
Anyway, one thing to try with your pinecone birdfeeder is to coat the peanut butter in birdseed. (I roll mine in a shallow pie tin filled with seed) That usually ups the ante! We make these alot in winter in England, as the fat from the PB is so good for the birdies in the cold weather. In fact, we usually do a whole tree full of them!

Janeen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. I missed hanging out with you this week. I can't wait for more tutorials!!

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